Have Some Summer Fun With Your Dachshund Dog

Have Some Summer Fun With Your Dachshund DogIt’s that time of the year again when the sun’s shining bright and doing what it does best, making everything swelter. With the mercury hitting the roof, it is a nightmare stepping out at 12 in the noon. Everyone’s feeling the heat and is looking for a brief holiday to a cooler place to get some respite and have fun. Amongst all these entities are dogs, too. Dogs are considered to fall ill and get sick as the degrees rise. So there are some general precautions that dog-parents need to take care of so that their dachshunds are comfortable when the temperature starts to roar.

1. Heat stroke

A very commonly known fact about dachshunds is that they are extremely prone to heat stroke and it can be very dangerous and even fatal for them. In situations when the temperature is above 45 degrees, try avoiding leaving your doxie in the vicinity of the car when you go ‘just a minute’ to the store. When locked in the car under extreme

Should Your Child Walk Your New Puppy

bncI don’t know about you but one of the reasons I got a dog was to enjoy nice, leisurely walks. I would see people walking in the evening, strolling along with their dog walking nicely beside their human.

I’ve had dogs for the past 14 years. I still see people strolling along after dinner with their dogs. I also see some people being dragged along; their dogs barking, lunging, jumping and behaving in a less than desirable manner.

I live in a neighbourhood with lots of children of all ages and lots of new puppies. I love the idea of children growing up with a family pet and of children learning the responsibility of caring for an animal.

What I don’t love is seeing young children with the family pet on leash and no adult supervising the interaction. Young puppies are very impressionable when you first get them. They are always making associations – whether good or bad.

Imagine this scenario:

3 or 4 young children outside with a new puppy on flat collar and short leash. The puppy is doing what puppies do –

Can Cats Live Without Humans

Can Cats Live Without HumansSelf-Reliance in Cats

Unlike dogs that are pack animals, studies have shown that cats do not pine for their owners or suffer from anxiety when left alone. Naturally living alone, cats are not used to depending on anyone else. A study by animal behavior experts at the University of Lincoln shows that cats prefer to look after themselves and will feel safe and secure even when separated from their owner. This however does not mean that cats do not love their owners, as many have the freedom to leave whenever they want. The simple fact that they stay in your home at all is a choice because they want to, even though they are independent animals.

Cats have become the most popular pet mostly due to their independence. For people that work long hours or travel often, they are the ideal pet as they do not need constant care and attention. Cats do recognize their owners with feelings for them and a strong bond, but the studies have shown that cats do not need their owners to feel secure, unlike dogs that need their

How to Manage Your Dogs Separation Anxiety

Have you seen those Pedigree commercials where a sad shelter dog is adopted and then is shown running playfully around their new home? I love those. They get me every time! Gremlin’s adoption story was much less romantic. When Gremlin came home with us he was a wreck. He had no idea who we were or where he was, but he did know one thing: he didn’t want to be alone. If we were in the kitchen, he was in the kitchen. When we went to bed, he invited himself in. When we took showers, he’d peek around the curtain and rest his head on the corner of the bathtub.

Separation anxiety is a common issue and can lead to destructive behaviors that can harm your dog. Destructive chewing, breaking out of kennels, constant barking or whining, and pacing or general unease are a few behaviors you might notice if your dog has separation anxiety. It can be difficult to spot, too. One surprising symptom of separation anxiety is overwhelming joy when you come home. It seems great, but is it? Your dog should be happy to see you. Not desperately happy to see you. Crying, jumping

Taking Your Pet on Summer Vacation

The first thing you need to do is make sure your pet is used to riding in your vehicle, nothing can ruin a vacation as fast as a car-sick pet. If your dog isn’t used to riding in the car, you can get them used to it by first let them just sit in the car in your driveway. Then start going for short rides and slowly increase to longer rides. This should give your pup a chance to acclimate to being in the car.

You can also avoid car sickness by letting your pet travel on an empty stomach, but be sure to have plenty of water available for your pet.

Make sure your car is well-ventilated. If your dog is in a crate, make sure that fresh air can flow through the crate. If your dog is loose in the car, do not let them ride with their head out the windows as this can lead to eye injuries and infections in the nose and ears.

Never leave your pet unattended in a closed vehicle particularly in warm weather. For pit stops appoint someone to stay in the vehicle with your dog so

Can You Prevent a Dog Bite Attack

There is no denying the popularity of socializing with your pet is growing rapidly. It is as common to see a dog in a local store as it is to see one at a veterinarian’s office. As pets are out and about in public more often, the risk of a dog bite attack increases. This is a frightening trend.

Dog attacks vary in severity, but they are responsible for 1,000 daily visits to Emergency Departments nationwide. Every year 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites in America. Of these victims, 30,000 require some reconstructive surgery, and tragically, last year canine attacks led to the deaths of 34 victims.

Of course, certain behaviors can help to reduce the chances of a dog attack.When encountering a dog maintain a calm demeanor and avoid overwhelming the dog. Always ask the dog’s owner before approaching, even if it does not appear to be a vicious dog.

Even with preventative measures, not all dog attacks are preventable. In a public, crowded place even a typically friendly dog can feel threatened and bite. This is especially true if the dog believes his owner is in danger. Dog bites are not

How to Choose an Ideal Food for Your Puppies

The first and foremost thing to remember is to free yourself from the marketing trap, Do not buy a particular food brand just because it comes with some kind of gimmick like “We love your puppies as much as you do” or “we care for your dogs”. If that’s really the matter would they offer you the food for free as they care for your dog or your puppy. They are here to make profit and there is no better way of selling your product than creating a bond with the customers. So never make the brand’s tagline decide your choice. You should be very careful while choosing the puppy food for your puppy.

Ask Your Vet

Every human being has a different food requirement depending upon his body system. The puppies are no different here. The only difference is that they cannot tell you in clear terms about their specific requirement. So it is always best to check with your Vet before deciding on the particular food for your puppy. The Vets are specifically rained to decide the nitration requirements according to the breed, physical condition and health requirements of a puppy.

Check the

Important Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Dogs are great pets and they can be your best companion when you are planning some outdoor activities. Camping out with your pet can be a wonderful experience for you. It will also be exciting for the dog to explore a new place and encounter some adventurous paths along the journey. Not all dog breeds, however, are suitable for participating in activities involved in camping and therefore you must be aware of the type of dog you have and if it is suited for being outdoors for an extended period of time. Before going on the trip with your dog, you will need some good planning and preparation.

Camping With Your Pet Dog

If you own a dog breed that loves loads of physical activities and is inherently known to be adventurous, you will have a great time going camping. If your dog does accompany you camping, you will have to act responsibly by packing the necessary items not only for you, but also for your pet. Here are some pointers to consider before camping with your canine friend.

Before choosing a location to camp, do make sure that it is allowed to take pets

How To Keep Your Dog With Food Allergy Healthy And Happy

Once your dog has been diagnosed with some form of food allergy, a lot of changes will have to take place at home. Topping the list of these changes is, of course, a modification in your canine friend’s diet. Certain food items and products with ingredients that your pet is allergic to will have to be replaced with different ones. You can also expect some medications and supplements to be introduced and there will also be changes in your dog’s usual grooming activities.

Certainly, you will not be happy with these changes. There is also a high chance your dog won’t be happy with these changes, particularly with his or her diet, especially for the first few weeks of introducing new food items or products. However, even with these changes brought about by your pet’s food allergy, you can still make sure that your dog remains healthy and happy. Here are some tips that can help you achieve this goal for your canine friend:

• Make sure everyone in your family is onboard with your dog’s special diet and feeding instructions. Unfortunately, breaks in the food allergy control of your pet can happen simply because a

A Great Recipe For Natural Dog Shampoo

It’s understandable if you’ve grown tired of spending a lot on dog shampoo for your pet. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a dime more. Within a few seconds, you would learn how to make your own natural dog shampoo that would cost you a lot less; be specially customized for your dog’s skin and would not strip it of its natural oils.

Some of the major ingredients that we would use in making this natural dog shampoo include:

Vinegar, which is also known as apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties and can also act as a natural deodorant for your dog. Although you may not like the strong smell, it doesn’t linger, but dissipates and improves when you use it on your dog.

Castile Soap
Castile soap is made from olive oil. It is sold in liquid and solid forms and can be a very lovely ingredient to add to your homemade natural shampoo as it helps to moisturize your dog’s skin.

Vegetable Glycerin
Another ingredient to add is vegetable glycerin as it helps to improve the shine of your dog’s skin and coat. It also helps

Ways To Exercise Your Dog Quickly

Adequate exercise is the cornerstone of a well-behaved dog, we all know that. For many owners, however, this is easier said than done. Here are five fun ways that you can give your dog a good workout when you’re short on time.

1. Play the Recall Game – This game can be played with only person or the whole family. In addition to getting your dog running around, it also has the hidden benefit of perfecting your dog’s recall. For one person + dog – put Scooby in a sit/stay and walk away. Keep him there for as long as you wish, and when you are ready, call him with Great Enthusiasm. This is not the time to be reserved or stoic. If you want to exercise your pup, you’ve got to get him running, and the way to do that is to have fun. When Scooby gets to you, make a big deal with lots of praise and a yummy (small!) treat. Remember, the more enthusiastic you are, the more excited your dog will be to come when called and the faster he will run to get there. If played with more than one person, take

Things That Need To Be Taken Care Of In Summer To Keep Your Dog Away From Heat

As the weather kicks it up a notch, everyone gets the natural tendency to go outside, even the pets. Spending time out of your house can be great for all the fun, but you have to be wary of the heat exhaustion in your pets, especially dogs.
Dogs are sensitive animals and there are some serious issues that may arise from overheating in summer, which you need to avoid by taking the precautionary measures. These issues are:

When the skin of your dog becomes slow to return to its original position after being pulled up or the mouth gums are feeling tacky to touch, realize that the dog is dehydrated, which lead to lethargy and the eyes of your pet may appear to be sunken.

Heart Stroke:
Heart stroke is a really serious problem as when it becomes fatal, the dog becomes comatose and its temperature rises to 104°F – 110°F. The symptoms may include salivating, vomiting, extreme panting and staggering. In this case, you must call your veterinarian immediately.

Sunburn normally occurs in the non pigmented areas, like often the ears or nose and it looks similar on a dog as it does at

Playful Dog Consider the Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terriers were bred to hunt badgers, otters, fox and rodents. Usually they were independent of the rest of the pack and expected to flush the prey from a burrow. Therefore, they were bred to be intelligent, independent, and not intimidated. This is all true of the breed today. An owner can expect to spend at least 30 to 60 minutes a day playing with the dog. Because of the breeding they love to play ball and chase after thrown objects. They will need some room to run and play and will do so independently, but still need the human interaction as indicated previously.

Going for a jog? Take this little dog with you, they will gladly keep pace and enjoy the bonding time. The Welsh Terrier is energetic and should be with a family that is the same way. If left alone, they will find a way to keep themselves amused and will play independently with toys or this may be by barking, digging, or jumping the fence. They have a natural curiosity, so they may run if off a lead and they will definitely chase rodents, squirrels, or anything else that decides to run from

Wet Food or Dry Food What Should Your Cat Eat

While researching another post I’m working on, I saw an article about how dry kibble is a better food alternative to wet cat food because it can easily be bought in bulk and makes less mess when cats eat it. I was fuming after reading that! It’s wildly irresponsible to make these claims, especially on the basis of ease for the owner and worse still, that it’s more natural.

Cat kibble was designed to be the cat version of dog kibble. There is nothing natural about it. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their bodies can only metabolize meat. From meat, their bodies are able to generate all the vital nutrients they need to thrive. Their teeth are designed for tearing flesh, not crunching on kibble. Interesting fact: Cats don’t naturally chew.

So why was I so mad? It wasn’t that his article was misguided, but that it was leading people away from a healthy cat food, to one that is less so. Not to say that feeding kibble is unhealthy! Just that not feeding wet food CAN be. The problem lies in cat ancestry.

Wild cats live in deserts and are able to conserve water

A Cat Supplies Checklist For Your Kitten

Pets are the most lovable creatures that happen to you and as a pet parent, it becomes utmost important to take the best care of them. Whether it is your dog or cat, you need to be always on the verge to check into what essentially they require for the best health as they grow in years. As a pet parent, it is crucial to take care of the basic necessities of your pet especially when your pet is a growing kitten. Here, we come with an array of major cat supplies that are highly required as your kitty grows.

Cat Food

First and foremost cat supply that you would require is cat food. A food is a base for a healthy cat, in deficient of which the pet lacks proper growth. Check for the right proportion of cat food according to the age and size of your cat. Blindly feeding your cat with whatever comes to your hand is not the right thing to do. If you are confused what your pet requires, or what to feed the growing kitten or what she likes, consult a vet.

Flea and Tick Collars

As food

Benefits of Purchasing Comfortis for Cats

It is always a pleasure when cat owners have a furry friend in their corner to give them a comforting feeling during depressing times. But what if the cats are suffering silently in pain due to some external factors that are not in their control? Isn’t it the duty of the owner to ensure that their pet does not suffer from these pesky parasites? It is an extremely uncomfortable sight when the pet is suffering.

Keeping this in mind, there are loads of flea prevention treatments available in the market today. Some of them are topical, while others are in the form of ointments, tablets and even flea bombs. Each of the products has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example; topical treatments cannot be used when the cat wants to go in the water while oral treatments can help in this respect. Flea bombs work when the cat is in the house, but as soon as they step outside it is a different ball game altogether.

One such treatment that is highly effective in keeping fleas in check is Comfortis. It comes an oral chewable form with beef flavour that is loved by

Cats More Than a Pet Yes or NO

Animals share the same emotions with humans; we share the same brain structures located in the limbic system, seats of our emotions. Animals have instincts “a natural, inherent impulse, absence of learning, based on rational conscious thought” the Merriam Webster dictionary defines, as humans. The lifestyle of an animal, his instincts, in terms of personality, we can borrow a leaf from, especially in the way we view life and deal through it. Take the cats for example, wild or domestic, pets or not, they possess attributes we can draw strength in fear from, speed in slow and delayed queue and care in a nonchalant world.

The lion, a populous wild cat, lives in groups called prides. A pride usually consists of three males, females and their young ones. The pride in a male lion is seen in the way he puts together his pride and boast manes. They mark their areas of residence with the intention of warding off intruders from their zone; an intrusion results in preying and attacking an intruder. Although a lioness is the primary hunter, providing kill for the group, they do not fight to claim rights with the males but would continue

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat Like a Pro

There are cats which can be extremely calm. On the other hand, there are kitties which can be feeling the opposite, having the tendency to be more jittery and anxious. It can be worrisome and disappointing for cat parents who have their cats’ best interests at heart. If you’re one of the cat parents who notice this nervous behavior in your feline friend, learn more about how you can help her feel and be more relaxed.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Anxious

There can be a number of reasons causing your cat’s nervous behavior including:

Fear – You may not know it but there may something in your surroundings that’s scaring your cat, keeping her feeling nervous.

Negative experience during early years as a kitten – While your cat was a young little kitten, it could be possible that she had a negative experience, causing this nervous behavior. Negative experiences include but are not limited to homelessness, abuse, lack of social skills and experience with fellow cats and humans, and improper socialization.

New Environment – If you have a new kitten or an older cat and you brought her home for the very

Have You Wondered Why Cats Eat Grass

The nutritional value of all types of grasses is very very low and is actually completely indigestible to cats – which is why your cat is certainly likely at some stage to vomit the grass back up as they lack the enzymes in their gut which would be necessary to break it down and properly digest it in their gut. One highly plausible explanation as to why they do this, is that when a cat eats a mouse or a bird it is impossible for the cat to separate fur and bones from the meat. Therefore the cat gulps down the entire mouse usually in one piece. Once the meat has been digested the undigestible parts such as the hair and bones remain in the cat’s stomach. Eating grass makes the cat vomit, and this brings the grass back up, now neatly wrapped around undigested mouse parts. Now this is just a theory, but is widely thought to be plausible. How convenient! Of course anyone who owns a cat is sure to know that this is the part that ends up on your carpet, that you unfortunately tread on first thing in the morning!

When should you

What to Do If Your Cat Pees Outside the Litter Box

There are many reasons a cat will pee outside the litter box and one of those reasons might just be the cat’s way of trying to communicate an issue to their owner. Lots of cat owners give up in defeat over this and some even decide to give their cat away or even disown them. What these owners need to know, is that this behavior can be curbed and dealt with, if they simply try to understand and listen to the cat. Cleaning the urine thoroughly is critical, since cats can have such a keen sense of smell. If the cat is constantly soiling in a specific area, it is very likely that the spot had been soiled prior, by another cat or by the same cat. After cleaning the area, it would be a wise decision to cover that spot with some furniture or something that would prevent the cat from having access to it again.

My first recommendation or step in trying to correct this issue, is to have the cat checked out and evaluated by a veterinarian. If this is a first time situation or occurrence with inappropriate urination, it could be that the